PRICE: 8464
STORE: 14.1 km

Stats For LevelEdit

Level Price Guard
1 8464 23
2 9216 24
3  ??? 25
4  ??? 26
5  ??? 27
6  ??? 28
7  ??? 29
8  ??? 30
9  ??? 31


With Weapon With Pet
Weapons Skills
Long SwordPoison
DiceLuck Up
HalberdAcc Up 20
StickMGuard Up 20
Gel BladeElem Up 20
Thief SwordNight Owl
Broad SwordAcc Up 20
FlailPower Up 20
MalletElem Up 20
Snake WhipMGuard Up 20
Bone RodPoison
Straw ManMach Hit
ScorpionMach Hit
Old BladeRage
Pets Skills
NoneDeath March
SlimeDeath March
AntagonyDeath March
Hell HareDeath March
Hot StuffDeath March
SpiderDeath March
Eye GuyDeath March
Mini BearDeath March
BatDeath March
MuddyDeath March
GargoyleDeath March
GrimmyDeath March
KillabeeDeath March
TriffidDeath March
BulbeyeDeath March
GiraffeDeath March
HarpieDeath March
BeetleDeath March
TreevilDeath March
Pink ShroomDeath March
StumpyDeath March
Mag ManDeath March
Cool GuyDeath March
Mega SlugDeath March
MermanDeath March
SheepishDeath March
OstrichDeath March
GolemDeath March
Lava GlobDeath March
BerserkerDeath March
ChimeraDeath March
LickyDeath March
SkeletonDeath March
ZombieDeath March
WraithDeath March
Death GodDeath March
UndineDeath March
Mr. GermsDeath March
CentaurDeath March
DragonDeath March
DaemonDeath March
Sir SlimeDeath March
PumpkinDeath March
DwarfDeath March
TrollDeath March
Fly EyeDeath March
TornadoDeath March
Eat RootDeath March
Black KnightDeath March
OctopusDeath March
SquidDeath March
MermaidDeath March
WispDeath March
Ice BirdDeath March
BehemothDeath March
GriffonDeath March
Green SlimeDeath March
MinotaurDeath March
SnowmanDeath March
SorcererDeath March
Green ShroomDeath March
MudmanDeath March
MummyDeath March
TerrapinDeath March
Sky DragonDeath March
FallenDeath March
Evil EyeDeath March
Gold KnightDeath March
Fire GolemDeath March
WitcherDeath March
Death RootDeath March
Black ShroomDeath March
PhoenixDeath March
AhrimanDeath March
MedusaDeath March
ZombleDemon Dash
Yellow DragonDeath March
BirdDeath March
BladeDeath March
CerberusDeath March
Poo SlimeDeath March
MagneyeDeath March
Death MageDeath March
Dark KnightDeath March
SatanDeath March
ScorpionDeath March
Gas CloudDeath March
Magma SlimeDeath March
Rot GodDeath March
MaskDeath March
GremlinDeath March
U JellyDeath March
Polar BearDeath March
Draco ManDeath March
Night MareDeath March
LionelDeath March
Night BirdDeath March
ShockerDeath March
Zap GolemDeath March
GenieDeath March
SkelliorDeath March
Snow GlobDeath March
GarudaDeath March
EyecicleDeath March
ViolantDeath March
Shell SlimeDeath March
Ice GolemDeath March
UnicornDeath March
Game OgreDeath March
Mad BirdDeath March
Eely DanDeath March
Blue DragonDeath March
FirezardDeath March
MerdineDeath March
GnomeDeath March
WyburnDeath March
SakuraDeath March
Duo SlimeDeath March
Death BugDeath March
YetiDeath March
GolemechDeath March
MonkeyDeath March
PokeyDeath March
BubblesDeath March
Pink SpiderDeath March
Gecko ManDeath March
BaalDeath March
HandselDeath March
AmmoniteDeath March
LamiaDeath March
CyclopsDeath March
Poke KingDeath March
LuminosDeath March
CavalrosDeath March
Red DevilDeath March
Blue DevilDeath March
SpiritDeath March
Black CatDeath March
WitchDeath March
PhantomDeath March
FlymeDeath March
SkraggonDeath March
BalloonDeath March
StrawbyDeath March
PakupakuDeath March
MantisDeath March
FlyrrelDeath March
SocketDeath March
KappaDeath March
EyerollDeath March
LanternDeath March
Snow GirlDeath March
BrollyDeath March
Ore SlimeDeath March
Ore KingDeath March
MimicDeath March
Dr. GillDeath March
CannibisDeath March
WightDeath March
OctoblueDeath March
DevilDeath March
VolcanisDeath March
ShadyDeath March
LuciferDeath March
Lucifer XDeath March
DumboDeath March
SandwyrmDeath March
PeachesDeath March
FrankieDeath March
UFODeath March
KongDeath March
VulpusDeath March
KingDeath March
Doss BossDeath March