There are three items that are available in the game that can be used to help you out in your quest. Your item inventory can be selected from the menu and is the second on the left hand side. The items that you can have are:

Full HealEdit

This item can be used at anytime during your quest as long as you have taken damage. It restores you to full health and can be used immediately after you have used a Rise Up. You can have a maximum of three Full Heals in your inventory.

Rise UpEdit

This item revives you instantly when you are dead and restores you to half health. It can only be used when you are killed. You can have a maximum of three Rise Ups in your inventory.

Magic DoorEdit

This item teleports you directly back to the Castle at the very beginning. This item can be used how every often you want and has no usage limit.

Every new day you have a chance of a treasure chest being located outside the Castle with either a Rise Up or a Full Heal, however this depends on how many you currently have in your inventory.

You may also obtain treasure chests from Monsters with a skull next to their name, or Brutal Monsters. These may contain any weapon, armour and the pet of the monster that was defeated. The rate at which these drop are dependent on your Luck stat and Treaup bonuses.